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What is an inch? Origin and use of such a unit.

The inch is an unit of a length. It is not in the International System of Units which is commonly known as SI. The unit is used mostly in British (also known as imperial) and United States customary systems of measurement. Symbols of an inch are in or double prime. It is equal 1/12 of a foot or 1/36 yard.

It is the basic unit of a length in United States, Canada and United Kingdom. It is used for instance in construction, medicine, mechanics and many others fields. Of course, height is also given in inches. Inch is sometimes used in another countries of continental Europe. For example, this unit is used as a measure for display screens. Inch is used in hydraulics too, for instance to determine diameter of pipe.

Nowadays inch is defined as exactly 25.4 mm. In the past were more than one version of this unit of a length. Inch was defined from 24.8 mm in Poland to 27.06994875 mm in France. What is interesting, in France inch was calculated on the basis of thumb’s width of the French King.

“Inch” name was borrowing from Latin word “uncia” which means one-twelfth. In many European countries word “inch” is the same. In some countries this word is derived from another word, “thumb”. Why thumb? That’s simply. Man’s thumb width is about an inch.

History of an inch in a nutshell

Inch was known probably from 7th century. This unit was mentioned in the Law of Æthelberht which is set of legal provisions. This document survived in single manuscript Textus Roffensis from 12th century.

Moreover, an Anglo-Saxon inch was defined as three barleycorns. This was a legal definition of inch for several centuries! Similar definitions were contained in English and Welsh medieval law tracts. For instance, in Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales was recorded “three lengths of a barleycorn is the inch”.

Charles Butler, a mathematics teacher, observed that the length of barleycorn is not always equal, so using inch in previous definition will be uncertain. In 1843 John Bouvier, American jurist and legal lexicographer, in his law dictionary considered the barleycorn as the fundamental measure.

Inch as equal exactly 25.4 mm was adopted by the British Standard Institution in 1930. The American Standards Association made the same in 1933. Then, in 1935, 16 another countries had adopted inch.

What is a centimeter? Origin and use of such a unit.

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A centimeter is also unit of a length like inch but in the metric system. Symbol of a centimeter is cm. This unit is equal one hundredth of a meter which can be written as 1/100. In scientific notation, centimeter is written as 1 E-2 m or 1 · 10-2 m.

Centi is the SI prefix. Meter is the base unit in the International System of Units. This prefix enables giving a fraction of the base unit. Centimeters are used for many everyday measurements, for instance to give dimension of clothes or shoes. Before implementation the International System of Units, a centimeter was a base unit in centimeter-gram-second system of unit (in abbreviated form CGS).

Where centimeters are used? For instance in maps. It is common to make conversion from map scale in centimeters to real world scale, given in kilometers mostly, sometimes in meters. Centimeters are used also to report the level of rainfall.

What is interesting, a centimeter is approximately equal to width of the fingernail of an average adult person.

How looks equivalence to other units of a length? A centimeter is equal 10 millimeters and 0.01 meters. How many cm in an inch and how looks inch vs cm relationship? They are also 2.54 cm in one inch. Then, how many inch in cm and how looks cm vs inch relationship? One centimeter is approximately 0.3937 in.

Converting centimeters into meters or millimeters is quite easy but converting centimeters into inches and inches into centimeters is not so easy. Many people have problems with that and decide to use online converters instead of making their own calculations. Usually they want to convert height in cm to inch.

Inch to cm converter – what is it and how it works?

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You can also make your own calculations but it is not so easy in every case. Of course, converting 10 or 100 inches into centimeters is quite easy. You only need to multiply amount of inches by 2.54 centimeters. Calculations in this case should not be problematic. If you want to convert, for instance 48 inches, to centimeters it is not that easy because it is not a round number. Calculations can take a while. It is better to use our cm to inch converter. You can save time and avoid stress or mistakes. Of course, our cm to inch and feet converter also is not completely errorless. It is only software, errors may occur but extremely rare. We correct all errors immediately and still upgrade our converter to work on a highest level. Everything for your comfort of use.

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