About Us

Do you look for a fast and effective way to convert cm to inch and vice versa? You are in a good place. Our website has been created especially for you to make cm to inch conversion a lot easier.

Who we are? We are a group of people, who want to make calculations simpler. We design professional, web-based devices, which help to convert different units identifying length, mass, costs or anything else. We share it all for free!

Here you can use our online cm to inch calculator. Thanks to this web-based device you can immediately find out how many cm is equal to the specified value in inches and vice versa. Whole operation takes less than a second, so it is a very quick way to do cm to inch conversion.
We have got a lot of experience in creating online cm to inch calculators and we know how to provide you a comfortable, automatic calculating. Forget about tiring, manual calculations. Try this web-based cm to inch converter and change cm to inch and vice versa without any problems. Discover its advantages!