Conversion Table - cm to inch

Conversion table cm to inches 

A conversion table cm to inches is one of the tools which you can use to make a cm to inches calculation. It is needed to say that a cm to inches conversion is one of the most commonly made. Why? Because the centimeter and the inch are two of the most popular units of length. But let’s get back to a cm to inch conversion table. That’s the main topic of this article. 

Let’s start with some basic information. What is a cm to inches conversion table at all? It is a kind of table where you can find values in centimeters and their equivalents in inches. So in other words, it is a table which enables a cm to inches conversion. 

How to use a centimeters to inches conversion table? It is possible to use it in two different ways. Let us explain them to you. 

The first way to use a conversion table cm to inches is just to find in the table the number of centimeters, which you need to convert and see its equivalent in inches. 

The second way is a method for those numbers which you can’t find in a table. In this case you can simply add a few different equivalents in inches to convert the number of centimeters which you need. 

So if you know what a centimeters to inches conversion table is and how to use it in theory, we can move on to the practice. But first things first, before we show you practical examples of centimeters to inches conversion, we will show you an example of a cm to inch conversion table. Have a look:

So let’s see using a cm to inches conversion table in practice. Some of the cm to inches conversion results you can read directly from a table. Here are a few examples: 

What is an equivalent of 50 centimeters in inches? Let’s check it in the table. So this is the result – 50 centimeters is equal to 19.6850394 inches. 

And another example. How many inches in 25 centimeters? And again, just see for the result in the table shown above – 25 centimeters is equal to 9.84251969 inches. 

What if there is no number of centimeters in a shown table which you need to convert? As we mentioned before, you can add particular values from the table to get the needed result. 

For instance, try to convert 47 centimeters to inches. To get this result you need to add the equivalent of 40 centimeters, 5 centimeters and 2 centimeters in inches. The equation looks as follows: 

15.7480315 + 1.96850394 + 0.787401575 = 18.503937 inches 

So 47 centimeters is equal to 18.503937 inches. To make your calculation easier you can round off the equivalents of centimeters in inches to, for instance, two decimal places. Here is an easier version of the equation: 

15.75 + 1.97 + 0.79 = 18.51 inches 

We are sure that now you can use a conversion table cm to inches without any problems to make a centimeter to inches conversion on your own. So let’s try our cm to inches conversion table, use it in practice and see for yourself that cm to inches conversion can be easy.

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  • 10 cm to inch - 10 centimeters into inches
  • 11 cm to inch - 11 centimeters into inches
  • 12 cm to inch - 12 centimeters into inches
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  • 14 cm to inch - 14 centimeters into inches
  • 15 cm to inch - 15 centimeters into inches
  • 16 cm to inch - 16 centimeters into inches
  • 17 cm to inch - 17 centimeters into inches
  • 18 cm to inch - 18 centimeters into inches
  • 19 cm to inch - 19 centimeters into inches
  • 20 cm to inch - 20 centimeters into inches
  • 21 cm to inch - 21 centimeters into inches
  • 22 cm to inch - 22 centimeters into inches
  • 23 cm to inch - 23 centimeters into inches
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