How is an inch defined?

How is an inch defined? Find the answer to this question in the text. You will also find out how to convert any value in inches to cm and you will discover our online inch to cm converter.

As you probably know, the inch is the unit of length used by people in some countries. It is not as popular as the centimeter, but is used very often. In most countries you can meet the inch, for example, in shops with electronic equipment. A screen size of a TV set or a smartphone is identified by inches.

But, since you are here, you probably don’t know how an inch is defined. The easiest way to explain it is by comparing the inch to cm and illustrate the principle of the inch to cm conversion.

First of all, you have to know that there exists something called the inch to cm ratio. This ratio determines how many centimeters are in the inch. As agreed with the specialists, 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

This is the answer to the question asked in the title. We could define the inch using other units of length, but it is the best way to define it by centimeters. The centimeter, as you already know, is the most popular unit of length, because it is the part of the metre.  

Inch to cm conversion

On the basis of the mentioned inch to cm ratio you can convert inches to cm.

How to do it? How to change from inches to cm manually? You have to remember only one general equation called the inch to cm equation. It looks as follows:

  • The number of inches * 2.54 = The number in centimeters.

Using this general inch to cm equation you can convert any value identified by inches to cm.

Let’s see an example. We will convert 59 inches to cm. According to the inch to cm conversion formula based on the inch to cm ratio and the inch to cm equation, we have to multiply 59 by 2.54 to get the result in centimeters. It looks as follows:

  • 59 inches * 2.54 = 149.86 centimeters.

Done. It is really easy, isn’t it? You only have to know how to multiply the numbers in writing. But, there is one disadvantage of a manual inch to cm conversion – speed. It will probably take you a lot of time to convert very high values in inches to cm.

We can help you make it faster. How? We share with you the web-based inch to cm converter!

Online inch to cm converter

If you want to define inches using centimeters, you don’t have to do tiring manual calculations. You can use our online inch to cm converter which will convert inches to cm a lot faster than you or any other person.

We have created it using modern technological solutions to make the calculations very quickly. Thanks to it you can convert very high values in inches to cm in less than a second. Are you wondering, for instance, how many cm in 1679,68 inches are? Let’s see:

  • 1679.68 inches * 2.54 = 4266.3872 cm.

You would have to calculate it for around a few minutes, but our web-based inch to cm calculator gets the result of this and even more difficult equations promptly. 

You can use our online device wherever and whenever you want without any costs. Save our website on your smartphone and enjoy fast inch to cm conversion each day in each place. Thanks to this comfortable solution you will always be able to define inches using centimeters.

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