How many cm exactly is an inch?

Do you want to know how many cm exactly is an inch? No wonder, because a lot of people want to find out the answer to the mentioned question. This is a popular dilemma, when someone wants to change from inch to cm, but doesn’t know the right inch to cm ratio and the correct inch to cm equation. In this text we will explain all important things about inch to cm conversion and we will present a great way to do this with our online inch to cm converter.

So, let’s start. First, you need to find out how many cm exactly is an inch, what just means inch to cm ratio. This ratio is equal to:

  • 2.54 cm = 1 inch.

It means that inch to cm equation looks like this:

  • The number of inches * 2.54 = the result in centimeters

Then you can start manual calculations to convert inches to cm. When you need to convert low values, it is quite simple. The problem arises, when you need to convert very high values in inches to centimeters.

There is the tool, which can help you make manual calculations faster. It’s about an inch to cm chart. This is a kind of table, which is specially prepared for manual inch to cm conversion. It presents the most popular values in inches converted to centimeters. Illustrative chart you can see below:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm,
  • 2 inches = 5.08 cm,
  • 5 inches = 12.7 cm,
  • 10 inches = 25.4 cm.

Manual calculating with an inch to cm chart is quite a good solution, but it is still not ideal. It is better to use an automatic inch to cm calculator.

Online inch to cm converter – fast and effective calculations

That’s why we mentioned our online inch to cm converter in the beginning of this text. Using the special device is a great way to convert inches to cm. Why?

First of all, with its help you can change from inches to cm very quickly. It is possible, even when you have to convert very high values in inches to cm. There are no problems with conversion from inch to cm.

The second advantage is that you can use it wherever and whenever you want, if only you have a smartphone or other device with access to the Internet. That’s why it is a better solution than manual calculating, which often needs paper and pen — who carries this stuff always with oneself — or than physical inch to cm calculator.

How it works? Forget about tiring calculations. The only thing you have to do is enter the necessary data, so value in inches, which you want to convert. Our web-based inch to cm converter will show you the result of any inch to cm equation promptly.

We have a lot of experience with creating inch vs cm converters, which can effectively convert inches to cm or vice versa. This is the reason why our web-based device is very comfortable to use.

Find out for yourself the advantages of using our web-based inch to cm converter. Discover an excellent option to find out how many cm in an inch are. Try to use it once and we are sure, you will be using it all the time, when you will need very fast conversion for inch to cm.

Enjoy our web-based inch to cm calculator. It waits for you!