How many cm is the inch?

How many cm is the inch? Read the text — find out this, get some general information about manual inch to cm conversion and discover our online inch to cm converter.
How many cm is the inch?

The inch is one of the most known units used to identify length of an object. Together with the centimeter, they are two most popular units for people from the whole world, but the centimeter is a bit more popular. Hence, sometimes there is a need to change from inch to cm. Therefore, the basic question is: how many cm is the inch?

Without an answer to the mentioned question you can’t convert inch to cm correctly. So, you have to know value 1 inch in cm to do any other cm to inch equation. How many cm is the inch? The answer is below:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

This is an inch to cm ratio known and used in the whole world. On its basis possible is to create, for example, inch to cm charts, which help converting high values in inches to cm. Below you can see an illustrative chart with most rounded values in inches converted to centimeters:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm,
  • 2 inches = 5.08 cm,
  • 5 inches = 12.7 cm,
  • 10 inches = 25.4 cm.

This and similar charts help to make a change from inch to cm faster. How to convert, for instance, 47 inches to cm manually? Let’s do it step by step. First, you need to get 40 inches in cm. In the inch to cm chart you see values 10 inches in cm — you have to multiply it by 4:

  • 10 inches * 4 = 25.4 cm * 4 = 101.6 cm.

Next, you need to add 7 inches in cm. You can do it by adding 5 inches in cm and 2 inches in cm — like below:

  • 5 inches + 2 inches = 12.7 cm + 5.08 cm = 17,78 cm.

Last step is to add 40 inches and 7 inches converted before to cm:

  • 40 inches + 7 inches = 101.6 cm + 17.78 cm = 119.38 cm.

It is a good solution, but there is one better, which can do the conversion for inch to cm a lot quicker that you can get the result of any inch to cm equation immediately after entering the data. This is about an online inch to cm calculator like ours on the website, where you read this text.

How does the online inch to cm calculator work?

Have you ever heard about online inch to cm calculators? If not, you should get some information about them, because nowadays it is the best way to make a change from inch to cm easier and faster.

Generally, web-based inch to cm calculators work on the basis of the same principle as a manual inch to cm conversion. The difference is that you don’t have to write inch to cm equations on a paper. The only thing you have to do is to enter necessary data, which means enter the value in inches you want to convert for cm. The result you will get in less than 1 second. It is amazing!

There are several more benefits for you from using our online inch to cm converter. The most important is that you can use it literally everywhere at any time. Do you have a smartphone with access to the Internet? So, you don’t need anything else to visit our website and use the device.

Find out for yourself how great it is. Use our web-based inch to cm converter to change from inch to cm easily, quickly and effectively. Forget about tiring manual calculations. There is a modern solution, which will make the inch to cm conversion simple. It is a web-based inch to cm calculator!

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