Inch to cm conversion

Inch to cm conversion

Do you need to convert inches to cm? Are you looking for an inch to cm formula? Are you still looking for the best inch to cm calculator? You couldn’t have chosen better!

We will show you how to convert inches to cm on your own and how you can make a conversion of inches to cm using our converter. If you want to know more, keep reading! We will dispel all your doubts.

Conversion of inch to cm

We will start with some basic information. Before we move on to calculation you need to know how many centimeters are in one inch and how many inches are in one centimeter. Let’s see:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
  • 1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inches

You need one more thing to convert inch to cm. Of course, it is a formula. You can find it down below:

Amount of inches * 2.54 centimeters = the result in centimeters

Now you have everything you need to make an inch to cm conversion. Let’s start.

Convert inches to cm

We will show you how to convert inches to centimeters step by step. Calculation on your own will be easy if you read this carefully. Have a look at these examples.

Let’s start with something not complicated. For instance, how many centimeters are in 2 inches? As you remember, one inch is equal 2.54 inches so multiply it by 2. The result is 5.08 centimeters. It’s easy, right?

Have a look at another example. How many centimeters are in 5 inches? Multiply 5 by 2.54. The result is equal 12.7 centimeters.

Let’s convert something bigger, for instance, 12 inch to centimeter. Multiply 12 by 2.54. It gives you 30.48 centimeters.

Two last examples. How many centimeters are in 50 inches? 50 * 2.54 = 127. The result is equal 127 centimeters.

And how many centimeters are in 80 inches? Multiply 80 by 2.54. The result is 203.2 centimeters.

For your convenience we put all results in a table. It is down below:
2 5.08 2 inches to cm
5 12.7 5 inches to cm
12 30.48 12 inches to cm
50 127 50 inches to cm
80 203.2 80 inches to cm

Convert from inches to cm

Do you think that calculation on your own is not for you? Do you prefer ready-made solutions? We understand it. That’s why we made inch to cm conversion calculator.

What is it? Inch to cm converter is an application to convert from inches to cm and vice versa. It takes only a second to make a conversion using our app. Just enter amount of inches which you want to convert into centimeters.

You can also use inch to cm conversion chart. How to use it? Just pick amount of inches which you want to convert to see the result. That’s all.

As you can see, our app is easy to use. You do not have to waste your time on learning how to use it. Just open our page and calculate!

What are the benefits of using our inch to cm converter?

  • You save your time. The result will be shown in a flash, regardless of amount of inches you want to calculate.
  • You save your energy. Our app will make everything for you.
  • You save your money, because you do not have to pay any fees.
  • You can have our app always by your side. Use it wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • We give you an exact result guarantee. Our converter is very accurate. We are also still upgrading it to work better.

How convert inches to cm

Now you know two different methods of conversion inches to centimeters. You can convert inches to centimeters on your own or using our inch to cm calculator.

Don’t wait. Go to our converter of inch to cm or calculate using a formula. Make it in the way you like!

At the end we want to answer to frequently asked questions. In FAQ we gathered all relevant information about our converter and conversion of inch to cm.


How many centimeters are in one inch?

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

How many inches are in one centimeter?

1 cm = 0.393700787 inches

What is a formula to convert from inches to centimeters?

Amount of inches * 2.54 centimeters = the result in centimeters

Where can I find inch to centimeter converter?

You can find it above the article. You can also go to our homepage. Click “inch to cm converter” in the top left corner to do this.

How does it work?

Our app is based on an algorithm which contains inch to cm formula.

Do I have to pay for using this converter?

No. Using our converter is totally free.

Do I need to register to use this converter?

No. We do not require registration.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us. We will answer to all of them.

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Remember that our calculator from inch to cm or cm to inch located on the site can sometimes show the wrong results. It is important to use the converter weight inch to cm twice or even more to get the exact result. The inch to cm conversion calculator is based on formulas which is not errorless. We do not take the responsibility for errors caused by inch to cm converter.