Teaching the Centimeter & Inch to Children

Read the text about teaching the Centimeter & Inch to children and find out how to explain children cm to inch conversion and cm to inch conversion in a very effective way.

If you are a parent or a teacher, you have to teach children, among other things, how to measure the length of an object and what are the units used to identify this length.

You probably wonder, how to do this? How to teach children about two of the most popular units of length, which are a centimetre and an inch, cm to inch conversion and inch to cm conversion easily, quickly and effectively?

We will try to explain to you, how to do it in a manual way and with help nowadays technology.

Manual cm to inch conversion

So, in the beginning you have to explain to children that the centimetre and the inch are units of length – both identify the length, but they are not the same. They will easily understand it, when you will compare it on the basis of their height.

Choose one child as an example and tell it to lie on a floor. Next, measure the child’s length from feet to the head. Let’s imagine it is, for instance, 124 cm. Tell children the result and write it on the blackboard.

Next, use other measuring tape and measure the same child’s length. The result would be equal to 48,81889759 inches. Write it on the blackboard.

Now you can start to explain to children that both results are the same, but identified in other units. Why couldn’t you start it before the described measuring child being an example? You could, but it can make teaching more funny for children and can make children remember better.

Tell children that 1 cm is equal to 0.3937007870 inch and 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. You don’t have to be more specific. If they will understand only this, it will be great, because they will be able to convert the length in cm to inches and the length in cm to inches.

Compare the measured values using cm to inch conversion formula and inch to cm conversion formula. On the basis of this explain them what is cm to inch ratio and inch to cm ratio andhow look cm to inch equation or inch to cm equation

Now give children measuring tapes and give them a job to measure each other. Next tell them to try to convert results in cm to inches and check calculations by converting inches to cm. Correct their possible errors and answer questions individually. This way they will understand what is a unit of length and get knowledge about cm to inch conversion and vice versa.

Online cm to inch conversion

After the descriptive part of the lesson you can introduce them to an online cm to inch converter like ours on this website. You can explain to them that the web-based device uses the same cm to inch conversion formula and inch to cm conversion formula like them. Next give them time to use the online cm to inch calculator for themselves.

We are sure that after such lessons most children will understand everything about a centimetre and an inch. You will fascinate them and they will learn to enjoy it. This is a great way to teach children.

Our online inch to cm converter will help you to reach out to children brought up in the age of modern technology. Use it for free!

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