What defines a centimeter?

What defines a centimeter? Read the text to find out some information about centimeter and inch to cm conversion. See, when you can use our web-based inch to cm converter.

Are you wondering, what defines a centimeter? Generally, the centimeter is a unit of length defined as 1/100 part of a metre, which is the basic unit of length according to The International System of Units. Cm is often used daily by millions of people in the world to specify the length of an object.

Therefore, the concrete answer to the mentioned question is that the centimeter defines the length of the object. You usually see centimeters on a ruler, which is a very popular tool used to meter small objects.

The centimeter is one of the most used units in the whole world, so it is important to know how to convert other units to cm. One of the most important conversions is a conversion for inch to cm.

Inch to cm conversion

Let’s see examples showing how to convert inch to cm and how the definition of the length of the object changes after inch to cm conversion.

So, let’s imagine an object that is 1 inch long. According to the strict rules of change from inch to cm,1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

You should remember this, because it is the most important thing in conversion for inch to cm.

Therefore, we can present the length of the mentioned object in centimeters instead of inches. According to the mentioned inch to cm ratio, the mentioned object is 2.54 cm long.

As you can see both units define the length of the object, but not in the same way. When you say that the object is 1 inch long, this does not mean that the object is 1 cm long, but 2.54 cm.

So, how would you convert the length of the object which is 53 inches long from inches to cm? You have probably already guessed that you have to multiply 53 inches by 2.54 cm. This is directly related to the mentioned inch to cm ratio. In this case, the inch to cm equation looks as follows:

  • 53 inches * 2.54 cm = The length of the object in cm.

You can multiply 53 by 2.54 manually or use a special inch to cm converter like ours on this website. The web-based inch to cm calculator will do it a lot faster, so it is better for you to use the mentioned device.

After the calculation you will get the result:

  • 53 inches = 134.62 cm.

53 inches is equal to 134.62 cm. So, our exemplary object is 53 inches long, which means that it is also 134.62 cm long.

In the described way you can convert the length of any object from inches to cm. Following the above guidelines, you can define the length of an object using cm, even when you know only this length presented in inches. 

To sum up, the centimeter defines the length of any object the same like, for instance, an inch or metre. In this text, we focused on inch to cm conversion to show how to convert inches to cm and consequently how to present length in centimeters, when you know the length in inches. You can do the same with other units by converting them into centimeters, but the change from inch to cm is the most popular.

As you have read above to convert inches to cm you can use our online inch to cm converter. It is an effective device which will help you convert any length in inches to cm very quickly. Discover our web-based inch to cm calculator for yourself!

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